We are a privately billing medical practice. A medicare rebate will apply to most consultations and procedures. Please book a longer consultation if you wish to discuss more than one issue or your needs are more complex.

Standard consultation

  • Duration – 10 to 20 minutes

Long consultation

  • Duration – More than 20 minutes

Telephone and video consultations are also charged at the above rates.

Care plans (including mental health) and prolonged consultations: Fees vary based on length and complexity. After receiving a medicare rebate for these consultations, the out of pocket/gap cost will be approximately $40.

Discounted fees are available for those receiving a government pension and health care card holders.

DVA patients are bulk-billed.

Children 12 and under are bulk-billed Monday to Friday. Full fees apply on weekends and for procedures.


The medicare rebates differ significantly for various procedures.

Fees for procedures will be advised by the doctor at time of booking. Please contact reception if you would like an estimate of the cost for a particular procedure.